The Guardians of Time

“Nihilus does not understand us, just as we can not truly understand him. This is my purpose: to bridge the gulf in understanding between us, and to sway others to his cause. Given my unique role, I believe I have as deep an understanding of this force as is possible for a time-bound creature.

Nihilus does not experience time in the same way we do. He is more of a force of nature that simply is, without variance from moment to moment. He is a God in the original sense of the word: mankind’s attempt to provide an essence of humanity upon an uncaring, unknowable force of destruction.

Nihilus’ essence touches upon our universe ever so slightly, and the time-bound nature of our universe causes him immense pain. In a process far beyond my meager comprehension, Nihilus consumes time, leaving an empty, unchanging path of destruction in his wake. The lower the entropy of a patch of space, the more pain it brings to him. Thus he seeks out worlds such as ours… and consumes them.

Nihilus does not understand our existence as time-bound beings. This is the only weakness I have been able to identify, if it can even be called a weakness. He is clever beyond all reason, and his power is nearly limitless. He cannot be reasoned with, he cannot be intimidated, and he cannot be stopped.

Embrace your annihilation, for resistance is futile."

- Excerpt from the Writings of the Prophet Xarthene

The Guardians of Time

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